Little Black Dress Campaign

October 10 -16, 2021

What is the Little Black Dress Campaign?

Each October, the Junior League of Northwest Arkansas participates in the “Little Black Dress Initiative” to bring awareness to domestic violence and symbolize just some of the struggles survivors and family members in this situation may have. Participants raise awareness around the limits that domestic violence can play on resources, options, and opportunities for employment; and the work that JLNWA is doing to help end the cycle of domestic violence by wearing the same black dress or outfit for five consecutive working days.

During this week we ask that members, community partners, friends, family, wear the same BLACK dress or outfit to work, play, etc. to bring awareness and prevention to the domestic violence issue and symbolize some of the struggles victims and family members in this situation may have, not only in our Northwest Arkansas community, but our state, and our country.

We are asking our friends, family, and the community to support our LBD Initiative by:

  1. Participating actively with us, wearing the same LBD or outfit, and sharing the staggering statistics of domestic violence right here in Northwest Arkansas – or where you may be. This is NOT an isolated issue.
  2. Donating directly to the Junior League of Northwest Arkansas to help us to continue to raise awareness and end the cycle of domestic violence. You can make a donation directly to this campaign by clicking here to access our donation page. Your support is crucial to making this campaign a success!

Download the 2021 Campaign Sticker, use it to share the message on social media or print stickers for your friends that may want to participate as well!

Little Black Dress Campaign MULTIPLIER CHALLENGE

We want to challenge you to invite someone to participate in the campaign with you. Download the campaign sticker, and give a few additional ones to a friend or co-worker so they can multiply our awareness message about domestic violence in Northwest Arkansas.

We will be using the hashtag #lbdvsdv in conjunction with #jlnwa all week. Be sure to follow along!

To donate directly to the Little Black Dress Campaign, please click HERE.