Winter Dreams Tour of Homes – Mertes Home, Stonehenge, 6 Ledgerwood, Bentonville


This home was completed in 1993 and built by Terry Patterson Construction. The multi-level home includes an expanded family room and master bedroom on the first floor and two bedrooms on the 2nd floor. One of the upstairs bedrooms has a series of lofts and was decorated to match the aesthetic of the rest of the home. The interior architecture has craftsman notes, while the décor features a mix of traditional designs and antique furniture that has been slowly collected over time.

The exterior landscaping includes a terraced deck, patios and lush foliage has been personally added by the family over the years, and the garage under the main floor is home to owner Greg Mertes’ full functioning pottery studio.

The interior Christmas décor that will be featured has been decorated by the Mertes’ daughter, Jessica Kilgo, for over 10 years and was mostly bought from local boutique, The Perfect Choice.

One-of-a-kind exterior Christmas decorations are custom made by Greg Mertes. His minimalistic but festive presentation is truly unique, with suspended beams of light crisscrossing across the yard, while silhouetted angels soar over a simple stable and modern snowmen greet guests on the front porch. All are encouraged to experience the light exhibition by night.

Photography provided Ramage 3