Community Partner Update

One of the many great things about the Junior League is that it’s a great place to test out new ideas and opportunities, and evolve with what’s around.

Just as the Northwest Arkansas community grows and evolves, our League has the wonderful opportunity to grow and evolve at the same time and pace.

With that in mind, we added the Children’s Safety Center as a new community agency partner.

Over the last few years, our League has been in the process of phasing out our partnerships with Havenwood and Restoration Village. Both agencies have evolved as well and implemented changes within their organizations that no longer align with us. Because of this, we will no longer partner with these agencies.

We will continue our partnerships with EOA Children’s House, Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter, and Peace at Home Family Shelter.

We will also continue to support various community agencies in Benton, Carroll, Madison, and Washington Counties with our legacy project That’s My Bag- a service project that remains a consistent and known solution for children in situations beyond their control. That’s My Bag has grown and evolved over the years into an opportunity to support women as they start a new life outside of local shelters with “Departure Packs” filled with items needed for new beginnings.

The goal of continuously reviewing our partner agency relationships is to ensure we are meeting the needs of our community and our members alike in that we:

  • Keep true to our Mission Statement and Reaching Out Statement
  • Provide the best opportunities to make a difference within our Focus Area
  • Best align with the needs of our Members from opportunities both in geographic location and time commitment

Going forward, member support of our Mission and Community alignment remains vital as we adapt to these changes and evolve. As an organization, we are open to change, willing to evolve and adapt with our surroundings, committed to staying relevant, and most importantly staying true to who we are and what we strive to be as an organization of women committed making a difference in our community.

Thank you all for your continued commitment to our community and our League as we continue to live out our mission every day!