Strategic Plan


Local – As catalysts for change throughout Northwest Arkansas we will aim to be as local as possible in all we do.

Leadership Development – Through effective action and leadership across Northwest Arkansas, we will leave a lasting legacy and impact on our community.

Membership – We will strive to better understand all phases of membership to improve satisfaction and adapt to changes in members’ lives, schedules and availability to volunteer in all aspects of JLNWA.

Voluntarism – Increase the focus on JLNWA’s dedication and commitment to community involvement and remain committed to VOLUNTARISM as we strive to do meaningful work within our community that meets the needs of our stakeholders.

Communications – The JLNWA brand is powerful – we will ensure it is positively promoted and consistently communicated within our membership and throughout Northwest Arkansas.

Training – Our trained volunteers are truly the heart of our organization and we will continuously train our members and our community to elevate our mission.

Financial Sustainability – We will not be bound to membership dues or League sponsored fundraisers to fully fund our goals and commitments.

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