League Year Kick Off Letter

Our League-wide theme for this year is TAKE IT PERSONALLY

As it’s been made clear already – your Leadership Team is taking their role in our League personally.
I encourage and challenge all of our members to do the same!

  • Take our current and immediate FOCUS AREA of domestic violence  prevention personally
    • Remain aware of your surroundings and give a voice, and a hand to those who need it, and constantly work toward irradiating the horrible message of hate and violence in all forms.
    • Breaking the cycle of violence starts with us.
  • Take your MEMBERSHIP personally
    • Be proud in knowing that as a member of this League you are empowered to put your personal touch on all we do because we couldn’t do any of this without you.
  • Take your COMMITMENTS personally
    • From your committee placement, to spending time in the community with our partner agencies, and in our trainings and social opportunities – you’ve volunteered to give of your time, talent and resources for the Junior League of Northwest Arkansas – and the Junior League of Northwest Arkansas is committed, in turn, to engage you as a member through and through.
  • Take our MISSION personally
    • Strive to continue to learn and grow as a woman, and to expand and share what you know to empower those around you.


  • We are ALL IN in the with the implementation of the Governance Model which means we have a Governing Board and a Management Team.
    • The Management Team is 100% focused on the day-to-day activities of our league on an annual cycle.
    • Because of the attention to detail from the Management Team in combination with all committees, our Board is open and available to look at the BIG PICTURE of our League and act on it.
  • We’ve implemented staggered, multiyear leadership commitments to ensure consistency and continuous knowledge sharing for ALL that we do.
  • We adopted new League Bylaws (as part of the Governance Rollout) in 2016, and the next phase will be to adopt new Policies to take effect June 1, 2017.

With all the growth and change, it was easy to identify a 3-part plan for the Board to focus on this year:

  1. Policies
    Working to align our policies to meet the changing needs of both our League and YOU our members, making policies more user-friendly, and also removing antiquated words like “facsimile.”
  2. Financial Sustainability
    Ensuring our league is able to remain financially stable and is utilizing multiple sources of revenue and investment.
  3. Long-term Strategy
    Setting a strategic plan so that our League continues to do the best we can as a leader and partner throughout Northwest Arkansas and remain focused on our mission of Promoting, Developing, and Improving through Training!

The Board is here to help and guide, we are open and listening.
Our Board has over 35 years of not just Junior League experience, but Northwest Arkansas community, hands-on experience, exposure, and connections.

I couldn’t be more excited, and even giddy with anticipation, to witness what is sure to be an amazing year with extraordinary things on the horizon!
Thank you for your commitment to our mission, our League, and our community!

Gracie Ziegler