Winter Dreams Tour of Homes – Mevlana Home, South Fayetteville, 344 East 7th St., Fayetteville


Built for and featured on FYI Network’s “Tiny House Nation,” this sleek, modern, L-shaped, tiny home consists of two separate structures joined by a deck. The main house, 400 square feet, rests on a solid foundation and features the kitchen, living room, bathroom and loft bedroom. To make the small area feel more spacious, it was designed with high ceilings, windows and two custom garage doors to let in more light. The L-shape of the deck mirrors the house and allows for the two separate structures to blend seamlessly together.

The smaller “amplified” structure, 160 square feet, is built on wheels to allow for easy transport. This studio is soundproofed with recycled denim, and acts as a recording studio, guest bedroom and practice area. But, it doesn’t just look like an amp, it actually is one — just plug in your instrument and sound comes through the front marine speakers onto the expansive deck which was designed for community and concerts!

Another unique feature to the home is the outdoor furniture, which was made by veterans. The wood used to construct the furniture is reclaimed wood that came from the floors of old Walmart trailers. The coffee table, designed by the host of “Tiny House Nation,” folds up to be a video editing desk and also serves as a TV stand. The spokes and gears from an old, broken bike, were repurposed into a pulley system to raise and lower pots and pans in the kitchen.

Photography provided by Shreve Imaging